Evarunnaru Brova

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evarunnAru brOva
inta tAmasamElanayya
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O Lord! Who (else) is there to protect me?
Why this much of delay?


vivarambugA telupavayya
vizvEza zrI paJcanadIza1
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Please tell me in detail,
O Lord of Universe! O Lord of the five rivers!


manasAraga dhyanimpanu
manasu nilupu marmambu delipi
tanavADanE talaci dhairya-
mosagu tyAgarAja vinuta
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In order that I may meditate on you whole-heartedly,
revealing the secret of stopping the mind,
please bestow on me courage by considering me to be yours,
O Lord praised by this Tyagaraja!


  • 1 The temple-town Tiruvaiyaru in Tamilnadu is referred to as paJcanada in Sanskrit. Its presiding deity is paJcanadIza (Siva).
  • As per remarks available in the book of Sri TK Govinda Rao, this Kriti is believed to be not written by Sri Thyagaraja, but sung by certain lineage of his disciples.)