Abhimanamu ledemi

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abhimAnamu lEdEmi
nIvabhinaya vacanamulADEdEmi
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Don’t You have affection (towards me)?
What words of gesture You are speaking?

Charanams Combined

1. mAlimiJcukaina lEdA 1tannu
mAlina dharmamu kaladA vana
mAli nApai daya rAdA pAlu-
mAlina guNamikanaina pOdA (abhi)

2. kalimiyuNTE peTTukOrA kRpa
kalugunanucu vEDinArA nA
kalavaramulu vini rArA
pOkalu nIku kaladani nEneruGga lErA (abhi)

3. rAju nIvani namminAnu gaja
rAjunna vitamu vinnAnu rati
rAja dAsula vEDa lEnu tyAga-
rAju nIvADani pEru konnAnu (abhi)
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1. Is there not even a little kindness? Is there any duty which goes against self-interest? O Lord who wears garland of wild flowers! Won’t You have mercy on me? Won’t this quality of procrastination leave You even now?

2. If You have wealth (for bestowing on me), keep it to Yourself; I entreated You (thinking) that You would have compassion on me; deign to come hearing about my anxieties; I do not know that You have wickedness.

3. I believed that You are the Lord; I have heard about the condition in which Gajendra was (when he cried for help); I won’t entreat the slaves of Cupid – the Lord of Rathi; I have earned a name that this Thyagaraja is Your man.


  • 1tannu mAlina dharmamu kaladA – This has been translated as ‘is there any duty against one’s self-interest?’ based on the quotation - ‘tananu mAlina dharmam modalu ceDDa bEram - a code of conduct that is against one's interest is a bad bargain’ –[Telugu Dictionary] - word ‘mAlina’.


  • 1tannu mAlina dharmamu kaladA – Reading together with Pallavi words ‘abhimAnamu lEdA’ and the Charana 3 words ‘nIvADani pEru konnAnu’, Sri Thyagaraja seems to convey that ‘since I am Yours, it is in Your self-interest (Your duty - dharma) to protect me (because I belong to You); otherwise, You will be going against Your own self-interest’.